Bryan Hughes: A Texas Leader

State Representative Bryan Hughes is defending an East Texas County from the liberals suing to silence public prayer and remove the words “In God We Trust” from a courthouse.

Voters of Texas should be proud to have a stalwart conservative of Bryan Hughes’ caliber serving in the Texas House. Unfortunatley, our current Speaker isn’t using his power to help conservatives.

These days conservative Texans see folks like Rick Perry calling for spending reforms, David Dewhurst calling for an exploration of school vouchers. Straus isn’t just silent, he’s actively pushing back on such conservative reforms.

According to a recent Austin American Statesman article Joe Straus is focused on getting Romney elected. This talking point may be GOP red meat but Texas needs leaders who are hustling to make life better. This means acknowledging Romney is a lock to win Texas and moving on to other hills.

The truth is, Straus isn’t offering conservative solutions or protecting political hills like public prayer because he isn’t interested in them.

Texans need a Speaker who has a record of being proactive, is pro-life, pro-fiscal accountability and ready to lead., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

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