Fiscally Liberal R’s = Joe Straus Supporters

Andrew Kerr put out a great story from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility regarding the fiscally liberal Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives. Now of course when you compare these politicians to liberal Democrats you could say they are “moderate” but the truth of the matter is that these 15 GOP representatives disregarded the principles they claimed and voted instead for legislation that was fiscally irresponsible.

It’s no surprise that all but one of the names on the list of  Republicans that got a D grade supported Straus. Many of the representatives on the list are individuals we know aren’t conservative. Representatives like Jim Pitts, Chuck Hopson, & Rob Eisler have never been consistent conservatives but the real interesting part came when some of the true colors of the freshmen were revealed.

Freshmen like David SImpson, Charles Perry, and James White stood out and showed that they could stand against the political pressure that surrounded them. Unfortunately Representatives Lyle Larson, Larry Gonzales, & Lanham Lyne didn’t fare so well. Lyne and Larson were loyalists to Joe Straus which tied their hands when it came to fiscal issues but Larry Gonzales didn’t have that compromise on his shoulders and yet he still rejected conservative principles.

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