Joe Straus Sides with Democrats

The Quorum Report brought to light Monday that Joe Straus has kicked in $150,000 from his campaign account into the Texas Republican Representative Campaign Committee. According to the Quorum Report this committee will not be attacking Democrat incumbents this year. Perhaps that’s the reason Straus feels comfortable donating to the PAC.

Last year this committee targeted Obama aligned, Democrat incumbents like Robert Miklos, Paula Pierson, Diana Maldonado, and countless others.

Straus’s determination to play nice with the Democrats during an election against Democrats is inconceivable. It should astound not only Tea Party activists, but Republican insiders and Party leaders.

A PAC which just last year was taking out Democrat leaders in the Texas House has now decided to stay out of their way. Is this the kind of affect Joe Straus’s leadership has on his Republican colleagues?

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