Joe Straus’s Broken Pledge

Though it comes as no surprise, Joe Straus has broken the pledge he made back in 2010 when he committed to not campaign against a Republican incumbent. You can watch the interview below, taken immediately following his first election as speaker.

In this interview he attempts to take the moral high ground, claiming that one of the main things that turned him off from Tom Craddick was that Craddick targeted GOP incumbents in the primary. Evan Smith followed this up with a timely question about Straus’s intentions on how to treat GOP incumbents in the primaries.

Straus gave the typical answer of a politician and claimed he believed we needed to grow the party, and that he had no interest in running against incumbents. What he failed to tell us was that his pledge had an expiration date. It only lasted as long as it was convenient for him.

Straus has now targeted James White, a conservative GOP incumbent. Joe Straus is supporting Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton, a moderate Republican who had to move into the district to run.

It’s clear to see where Straus’s loyalties lie. When given the opportunity, he chooses the more liberal option.

Anyone surprised?


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