KETK Misleads Readers

Today Robert Gray with KETK reported on FreedomWorks endorsing Bryan Hughes. The endorsement came earlier this week but Gray’s readers could misinterpret FreedomWorks action as drafting Hughes.

In his story Gray said “Hughes hasn’t formally announced a challenge to Straus.” Gray’s reporting leaves much to be desired.

Gray should have check the list of declared speaker candidates on the Texas Ethics Commission’s website. He could also watch the video where Rep. Hughes states he plans on taking the vote for speaker to the floor of the house.

In the story Gray showed a lack of motivation to conduct basic investigating prior to stating incorrect facts. FreedomWorks, in no way has drafted Hughes since he has been a declared candidate since May, and Hughes is definitely running for the position.

Here’s a new strategy being employed in the speaker’s race, lazy reporting.

There is a race for speaker of the house going on in Texas regardless of how the media would like to portray it.

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