Lauding Laubenberg

Jodie Laubenberg was a conservative hero in 2011 when she stood in the Texas House and voted to oust Joe Straus. Since then she and her compatriots have been berated by liberal insiders. Now it appears Straus and his allies are trying to siphon her away.

Texans need to stand by Laubenberg and realize the other side weakening.

How weak is the Straus camp? For starters he was forced to co-opt Laubenberg at the Republican convention last month. The Collin Co. Rep playing to a home crowd was used in a House introduction video. The audience cheered audibly louder when Laubenberg flashed on the screen.

Straus used Laubenberg and the rest of the Republican House members as human shields.

On cue after the convention capitol insiders began circulating rumors that Laubenberg was defecting to team Straus. This type of coordinated brow beating of good lawmakers is common but another sign that Straus et. al aren’t as well positioned as they are claiming.

Conservatives should compare the electoral record of conservative dissenters in the most recent election. Ken Paxton, who challenged Straus in 2011 is now a Senator and Bryan Hughes who hauled Straus and his errand boy Larry Phillips into a ethics hearing also secured reelection. Laubenberg was reelected without a challenge. With conservative backing she is untouchable.

The same can’t be said for conservative turncoats like Marva Beck, Barbara Nash and Sid Miller. All three came out for Straus and when the 2012 primary came they were left out in the cold by activists, volunteers, conservative groups and voters.

Bryan Hughes is leading a steady charge at Straus heading into 2013 but members like Jodie Laubenberg need to know they still have the support of conservatives.

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