Matt Beebe: A Credible Challenger to Joe Straus

Matt Beebe Texas If you were to make a world class dessert you would want only the best elements. Testing each ingredient to make sure it were fresh and of high quality before using it would be essential. If it were a cake you would want the flour not to have clumps and the sugar should be fine not coarse. Remember only the best will do. You would never dream of buying off brand products for your world class dessert. Upon finishing it you would serve your dessert, and then as the old saying goes, all the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Now if your looking for a leader of conservatives you should apply the same type of litmus test. You wouldn’t dream of nominating someone who had accepted money from Planned Parenthood, co-authored an embryonic stem cell research bill, or received a commendation from Planned Parenthood for their “tireless efforts”. That would defeat the idea of true conservatism in leadership. You would say this person failed to posses the qualities necessary to define them as a true conservative. Sadly such a candidate with the very holes I have mentioned is sitting in Austin Texas as Speaker of the House.

He’s Joe Straus, State Representative for the 121st House District. You need only look at those who support Joe and at his record to determine his legitimacy to the claim of conservative politician.

Matt Beebe is a true conservative with a clear agenda, running for State Representative of House District 121. What is his agenda? To take to Austin a respect for life, fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Matt is a small business owner, Air Force Veteran, and a loving husband and father. To hear Matt Beebe talk you wouldn’t think him a politician but more like a concerned citizen. Perhaps that’s just what District 121 needs right now. A citizen who understands small business enterprise and the impact of more spending on an already weak economy. A man who believes that life begins at conception and stands by that even when it isn’t politically expedient.

Matt and his wife work hard and spend their lives raising their two adopted children Hannah and Joshua ages 5 and 3. The Beebe family are active members at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church where Matt has taught Sunday School for Young Adults.

When your looking for a leader of conservatives and a bold leader on social and fiscal issues you need look no further than what is behind them in there life. Remember all the proof of a pudding is in the eating. In this case it means taking a bite out of the men themselves and finding what defines them.

It’s imperative for conservatives across Texas to stand behind Matt Beebe in his race for House District 121.

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