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Joe Straus’s Gambling Problem

Gambling and conservatives are typically considered strange bedfellows and rightly so. However one exception to that pre assumed rule is to be noted in...

Feb 21 | Read More »

Matt Beebe: A Credible Challenger to Joe Straus

If you were to make a world class dessert you would want only the best elements. Testing each ingredient to make sure it were...

Jan 25 | Read More »

Conservative Alternative to Straus Lieutenant Vicki Truitt

Looks like Vicki Truitt will have her hands full this coming primary season. Giovanni Capriglione is a business owner who will stand for the...

Dec 7 | Read More »


Speaker Supporter Todd Smith Receives Conservative Challenger

Looks like you can add Todd Smith to the list of Straus supporters who will be receiving a conservative challenger in the March primaries....

Dec 6 | Read More »

Speaker politics is heating up

Early Speaker race chatter You’re starting to see Straus’s lieutenants back several moderate to liberal candidates for open house seats. This should be a trend...

Aug 18 | Read More »

Fiscally Liberal R’s = Joe Straus Supporters

Andrew Kerr put out a great story from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility regarding the fiscally liberal Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives. Now...

Aug 17 | Read More »