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Combs Pulls a “Joe Straus” on Abortion

Susan Combs has come out and done exactly what Joe Straus did in regards to her stance on abortion. The hope is that many...

Aug 4 | Read More »

Joe Straus: All Politics, No Spine!

Is anyone surprise that Joe Straus showed his true colors today and told a blatant lie in order to kill a bill that would...

Jun 25 | Read More »

Lance Gooden’s Shining Moment

Today Lance Gooden, during a debate with Randy Weber defended the expansion of spending by stating that the additional expenditures were being paid for...

Jun 9 | Read More »


David Simpson Stands for Fiscal Responsibility

Yet again David Simpson stands out amongst his republican colleagues. Simpson isn’t the only one to stand up for fiscal sanity in Texas but it’s...

May 29 | Read More »

Joe Straus Pledge Card Repercussions

Yes Joe Straus is already looking for pledge cards for his re-election campaign. It’s imperative that you contact your state representative and ask them...

May 27 | Read More »

Until They’re Gone, Pledge Cards are Informative

Pledge cards are a shady holdover from a bygone era of insider dominance in Texas politics.

May 27 | Read More »