Pro-Straus Reporter Attacks Republican Congressman

Brian Chasnoff, a reporter who has shilled for Joe Straus on countless occasions, has now taken to attacking Republican Congressman Quico Canseco.

Mr. Chasnoff attempted to paint Congressman Canseco’s encounter with the TSA earlier this year as a fabricated drama which he implied the congressman was using to further his own political clout. Canseco fired back characterizing reporters like Chasnoff as some who’s “goal from now until November 6th is to invent any negative narrative they can to defeat us—to tear apart conservative values and conservative leaders.

Canseco is right, Chasnoff does skew his writing to defeat and tear apart conservative values. Why then has Chasnoff written so positively about Joe Straus? In most articles Chasnoff writes he lambasts conservatives but then referred to the re-election of Joe Straus as a sign the voters “still yield common sense”.

Conservatives around Texas should question why the liberal media find Joe Straus so acceptable. Could it be because he refuses to stand for conservative issues?


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