Trent McKnight: Straus Lackey Pushing for more Revenue

Trent McKnight, a moderate running for State Representative in Northwest Texas, has begun stroking House leadership with recent comments praising Straus for his grandstanding rhetoric. He posted on facebook “I strongly support the recent call by our Texas Republican leadership to end state budget diversions”. McKnight is silent on any admittance that last session it was the same leadership that pushed a budget with billions of dollars in budget gimmicks.

McKnight is simply posturing for support from Austin when he should be worrying about whether or not he represents the values of District 68. AgendaWise brought to light the fact that former opponents of McKnight opted to endorse Drew Springer instead of McKnight in the run-off election because of among other things McKnight’s weak stance on abortion and homosexuality.

Trent McKnight is the wrong candidate for the voters of District 68. It’s time for conservatives to stand up and talk about who Trent ¬†McKnight actually is.

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